Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Finds:: Feathers

Inspired by Mrs. French's blissful inspiration.

From upper left corner: Peacock Feather by One Click Gallery, Feathers by Leanne Hancheroff, Feather by Jody Edwards, Indian Summer Five Feathers by Dana Grandbois, Silkie Chicken by Sharon Montrose, ACEO Drawing in Violet Ink on Cream Matboard - Mehndi / Mehendi or Traditional Henna Art inspired by Verve Interiors, Golden Eagle Feather with beads Magnet by Heartworks, Feathery Plumes No. 5 by Golly Bard, A Little Peacock Print by deKanimal, Feather Pen by Star Redesigns, something is by Pretty Little Thieves, Emily // feather necklace by MOPSY Designs, Pheasant Feather Pad Headbands by Fancy Goods, Little black peacock dress by Freeflight Clothing, All your tomorrows start here by StorytellingRavens, Feather Scarf - two color screenprint on Cream by New Duds

Great Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Great finds as always!
    Love that black dress and yellow scarf!

  2. great findings. I love them all.

    And you are keeping an interesting blog, and I love your idea of "slowing down"

    Look forward to reading your new posting.

    See ya!

  3. Wow! These are great!
    Can't say which are my favorite, I think the whole right column... and the bottom one...
    No, I just love them all!

    (by the way, you should write that the photos are clickable, much easier to get to the item that way than from the list below)

  4. Thanks, Galit! Great blog! Glad you liked the feather! They're super popular right now! I'm always looking at the ground while out on our daily walks!
    You should definitely start some nightly artwork. I have two boys, three and ten months and after they're off to bed I get out my paints. Which reminds me, gotta go!

  5. I am very honored to be featured and my I commend your topic choice. I think feathers are just so fascinating. Fun to see all the different views.
    Thanks Galit !!


  6. Thanks for the feature, Galit! Neat finds, I have to say. :)

  7. I'm so grateful to be featured among such excellent and admirable Etsians! Thank you so much, Galit. Lovin' the blog, too!


  8. Galit, this is a stunning variety of feathery finds and I'm thrilled to be included with such beautiful work.
    Have a great weekend! Best, Holly

  9. Enjoyed your blog. Mvto and Wado (Thank you in Creek and Cherokee) for featuring my friend, Heartworks. Loved all of gifts from the winged ones.

  10. love all these feather finds! thank you for including my work.