Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Second Life

The use of recycled materials is growing both in the art world and in modern design.
These beautiful examples are made from mostly or even 100% used materials. The result is a new work of art or everyday object with new face and use but with a bit less guilt of consumption...

1 A ceiling light made from used bike inner tubes and cable ties by Gabarage Upcycling Design, 2 Salt and Pepper Shakers made from film canisters by Rita Botelho, 3 Hemmingway lampshade and Jute day bag made out of coffee sack by Antaahu, 4 Folder wardrobe made of used file folders, film and advertising posters by Gabarage Upcycling Design, 5 Decostruzione III – Artwork made out of deconstructed sign advertising by Zanino, 6 Kitty Came Home - Vintage Fabric Button Clutchs made from vintage fabrics and buttons by Katrina Weber, 7 Smooth Record Bowl created from a single record, which has been molded in to a vessel form by Think Eco, 8 Gold Toy Mirror by British Designer Ryan Mc Elhinney, 9 Storyteller - A bookcase made from old tables by Isabel Quiroga, 10 Car Tyre Sculpting By Korean Artist Ji Yong Ho.


  1. thanks for your sweet comment today - so nice to hear from readers :) this collage is really cool - amazing that these are from used materials. wow!

  2. i like objects from recycled materials...they are really cool and good for the earth....

  3. Hi Galit, this moodboard is fantastic! I love it.. and I'm linking this moodboard with my launching of the new art print in my blog (blog.bugdesign.biz). please let me know if you feel the link is inappropriate, I will amend accordingly. :)

    I really love your blog! it is so inspirational! Thank you so much!


  4. Thanks so much Ching for your heart warming comment!
    Happy to be featured in your beautiful blog!!

  5. oh my!!! that desk/book shelving unit, no. 9, is spectacular.
    i think i made need something like it in teal!