Saturday, August 21, 2010

Take Me There...

Photos from Little Corn Island by Justin Ouellette. Simply magnificent.
I could use a little sunny, breezy vacation there. I think it is one of the very last places where one can spend a quiet, slow time with no mobile phones, no cars, very basic and eco-friendly accommodation and stunning beaches.

Where would you go for a slow, quiet vacation?

///Click the photos for more information or visit Justin's website


  1. Definitely don't want to come back from that vacation! lol


  2. I would go to a cabin in the woods, with a shimmering lake (but without the mosquitos). Instead, it's back to school for this teacher!! :)

  3. I would totally go there! I would love a place where there was NO WAY I could continually check my email or blog or twitter.

    Another planet maybe???

  4. I want to go to there! Sucked right in, I'm already planning my trip!